Eden Aromata Launches Swiss Made CBD Oil in European Market


Eden Aromata Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract CBD Oil

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract KannaSwiss CBD Oil made by Eden Aromata bottled in the UK

This week at the Hemp & CBD Expo in NEC Birmingham, I met with many new and some established vendors promoting their new product lines. Some are great products, some white-label, mostly originating in Colorado USA. There are now a vast number of brands, and perhaps this makes it difficult for the users to make an informed decision on which one to buy. In my opinion, there are four main criteria for making an informed purchase.

  1. Will it provide the right quantity of CBD and other cannabinoids for my needs?
  2. Can I trust the producer?
  3. Is the strength sufficient to deal with my requirements?
  4. Is the price right?

At CleverBotanics UK, we do understand the importance of high-quality ingredients and the need to scrutinise the processing from seed to sale. We are delighted to collaborate with Eden Aromata and KannaSwiss to produce a range of CBD Oil for CleverBotanics. Full Spectrum Hemp Drop 6% and 12%, is now available for purchase, with KannaSwiss CBD Oil bottled and distributed by Eden Aromata for the European Market.

This is how we have done it.

  • One product of CBD full-spectrum hemp extract oil, in either medium (6%) or high (12%) concentration. Each is bottled in either a 10ml or 30ml format.
  • By bottling in the UK, we can reduce cost to the user, to as low as 70p for a typical dosage of 25mg with the 3600mg (30ml bottle).
  • We use renowned 'KannaSwiss' Full Spectrum Hemp Extract oil, known to many as the highest quality oil available in the market today.
  • Easy administration with a choice of a measured pipette or spray pump to allow easy usage. No need to count the number of drops in front of a mirror.
  • It is packaged well using biodegradable and recyclable solutions reducing the plastic usage to an absolute minimum.

Introducing Eden Aromata Full-Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract + MCT Oil with a new practical measured pipette as well as spray pump, in the following formats.

  • 6%  (10ml) - 600mg CBD Medium Strength  - Buy Now
  • 6%  (30ml) - 1800mg CBD Medium Strength - Buy Now
  • 12% (10ml) - 1200mg CBD High Strength - Buy Now
  • 12% (30ml) - 3600mg CBD HighStrength - Buy Now

Type: THC free
Made in: Originated in Switzerland and Bottled in UK by Eden Aromata
Administration: Includes Measuring Stem Pipette,  as well as Aluminium Sprayer Pump add on allowing you an accurae dose.

All of their CBD products are developed from high-grade organic hemp, using supercritical CO2 extraction to produce premium CBD hemp oil with naturally occurring cannabinoids and no impurities.

Why KannaSwiss
At Clever Botanics, we aim to source only organic cannabis and hemp from the countries with the best technical and ethical heritage. We require ecologically farmed, lab-processed and purified facilities we can visit while adhering to the strictest safety and quality standards and utilising the latest in pharmaceutical science and equipment. We aim to work with global market leaders in the CBD sector. We are therefore proud to work with KannaSwiss Hemp Oil.

KannaSwiss Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

State-of-the-art facility
Kannaswiss uses their brand new facility in Kölliken, Switzerland, with the most advanced indoor grow science known to date. They are renowned for continually working to push the boundaries of cultivation knowledge. We like their stringent process to breed each of their strains to provide you with perfection.

The KannaSwiss process starts in a grow room full of single-strain source, observed and examined for the characteristics of quality. Upon harvest, the flowers are tested meticulously to ensure their cannabinoid and terpene levels will meet some of the strictest standards. Once the best strain has been discovered, they are cloned, and the daughters with a high level of care are used to grow. KannaSwiss uses only natural, holistic solutions to protect the plants from predators and other problems, and employ supercharging strategies such as raising CO2 levels indoor to drive maximum growth potential. At CleverBotanics, we publish the lab report for the batch for the peace of mind. It is essential that our customers can count on receiving reliable dosage and strength,”

Eden Aromata CBD Oil

We hope you enjoy using our new product. For those who are interested in reading further, below is a historical overview of the research carried out by KannaSwiss.

Historical Overview

 In the emerging cannabis space, we @CleverBotanics are striving to work with companies that intend to push the boundaries of CBD research, quality and delivery. CBD or ‘cannabidiol’ derived from the cannabis plant various cultures have used CBD-reliant remedies to treat a range of conditions for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. Originated in the Middle-East, it is well known and used for centuries. In Europe, it is known that during the 19th Century, for example, Queen Victoria used a CBD-rich infusion to relieve menstrual cramps. But it wasn’t until 1940 that the compound was isolated and discovered, and noted. Unlike the euphoric and psychoactive inducing THC, the CBD has many health benefits the illegal, unwanted effects of getting the user high.

Due to cannabis prohibition, good reliable research was hard to come by. However, over the past couple of decades, they mostly concurred that CBD could effectively treat chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, glaucoma, epilepsy, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, major psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, and much more.

 The list of health benefits is growing with more funding now available in the countries where restrictions around CBD have lifted. By the early-mid 2010s it became increasingly common to see CBD-based products sold legally on the market.

 The team at KannaSwiss places a great deal of emphasis on the importance of widely varying delivery options. While the company first launched in 2014, it took a couple of years of working with a chemist from Hoffman-La Roche to develop the extraction technique it still uses today. While the extraction process was an unmitigated success at creating a high-potency final product, KannaSwiss ran into a problem: so concentrated was their extract that it resulted in a harsh taste. Not everyone realises that CBD docks with the same receptors as pepper, meaning that for some people it can be quite challenging to ingest.

Hemp Extract CBD Oil

Commitment to producing a highest quality product

@KannaSwiss, the chief strategy officer Boris Blatnik, has full commitment to maintaining purity and potency and has instilled it in the core of the company’s mission.

 CBD can be extracted via several different techniques, KannaSwiss approach is on crafting more stable products that will better retain their health benefits during storage. KannaSwiss uses an ethanol method which gives CBD a longer shelf-life. This ensures that customers can not only buy without worrying about whether or not a product has upheld its potency prior to purchase, but that they can remain confident in the effectiveness of the remedy when storing it at home.
 From there, the company puts the extract through a number of processes used to eliminate as many impurities as possible while maximising health-promoting elements. Following extraction, the first step is chromatography, which separates out the psychoactive THC along with a series of impurities, all the while preserving the cannabinoids CBC, CBG, and CBN as well as terpenes, healthy fatty acids and vitamin E.
 Every batch is tested and reconstituted with isolates to verify that it is identical to those that have come before it so that customers can be confident in the consistency of their treatment. At CleverBotanics, we publish the lab report for the batch for the peace of mind. It is essential that our customers can count on receiving reliable dosage and strength,”

Eden Aromata Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil 6% 30ml CBD High Strength


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