How my own journey with CBD led to the launch of Clever Botanics

Welcome to the launch of the Clever Botanics website and my first blog post! My name is Salar, the founder of Clever Botanics.  In launching this business, I aim to reach out to as many new users in need of the health benefits that CBD can offer since I have experienced first hand what it can do.

Where my journey with CBD began

Learning about CBD usage and its benefits in health issues has been a personal journey, and I'm still learning.  What made my mind up to engage proactively in this sector was my brother's medical condition. Back in Iran over 50 years ago, it was clear that his birth had been difficult and that something had gone badly wrong. Incorrect use of forceps had caused some brain damage, and he started showing symptoms first of epilepsy from the age of three. An MRI revealed a spherical dark area the size of 2p inside his brain. In his case, traditional drugs did help for many years and managed to control his seizures down to one gramma seizure per week and one or two smaller lasting 5-10 seconds per day.

Sasan managed to go to school until 11, but his severe learning difficulties and minor behavioural issues caused by his deteriorating condition were eventually unsurmountable. It was clear he would need constant care in his life and could never live independently. At an early age, he started with 3-4 prescription medicines per day to control the seizures, but slowly the cocktail of drugs had to increase to approximately 25 pills per day to control epilepsy, as well as a growing list of side effect of taking them for 50 years. Lupus, and other physical ailments, as well as significant mental health problems, have compiled the problem and cocktail of competing drugs. Picture below shows Sasan at 19 with my Sister Ellie, before onset of Lupus.

My mum passed away eight years ago, and since then my Dad who is himself in his 80s and a set of live-in carers have taken on the job of caring for Sasan at home. The news of Charlotte Caldwell and her son Billy's condition and fight to be allowed to use CBD made me aware of just what cannabis oil could also do to help my brother.  For a long time, I found it difficult to convince my sceptical Dad to replace or supplement some of Sasan's existing medicines. His cocktail of drugs dealing with his many ailments are involved and complicated, but my two Sisters who are both doctors agreed we had nothing to lose by introducing CBD into the mix in a very slow and measured way. One THC Free 30mg CBD Gummies by CBDistillers and 3 drops in the morning of Full Spectrum Organic Oil – 12% (10ml) - 1200mg CBD and KannaSwiss.

After only a few weeks we saw a real and measurable improvement in Sasan's behaviour, skin rashes and sleep patterns.  He appeared to have less fits and generally feel less  pain.  The journey is long, but it is clear that CBD can have a powerful effect on relieving certain symptoms in specific physical and mental cases.

I was so encouraged by the positive effects on my brother that I began to research more about this impressive product.  In fully emmersing myself in this industry, it felt natural to take the next step in retailing the products myself, reaching out to support others in their personal experiences with CBD.  I will continue to update you on my brother's progress as we continue this journey.

All products sold on my site are organic and vegan. I search for the best ethically made CBD and hemp collections of genuine high quality, sourced from North America and Europe.  I currently stock oils, creams, concentrates, edibles and terpenes from leading manufacturers.  I am also commited to limiting the amount of plastic packaging in what I distribute, thus minising the impact on our environment.  The journey begins here to change the landscape of modern self-care and move these products to become part of your daily wellness ritual.

Please remember, consult with your doctor first before considering CBD related supplements in particular if you or anyone else you are about to administer the product is already on medication.  Please be sure the product is genuine from reputable producers with the necessary experience and the legal licenses in the countries that they sourced or refined

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