CBD Oil & Concentrates


At Clever Botanics has some of the lowest prices in the UK for high quality Hemp and CBD products you can trust from your favourite suppliers. 20% off 'WinterCoupon20'

CBD Hemp Flowers


High-quality organic Hemp Flowers and herbs, from the best US, Swiss and Italian suppliers. High CBD content and all are backed up with the third-party Lab Reports. 20% off 'WinterCoupon20'

CBD Vape & Terpens


Our expanding range of CBD Vapes & Terpenes is from trusted suppliers at the lowest prices in the country. A wide variety of Aroma, Scents and unique makeup. 20% off with 'WinterCoupon20'

CBD Oral Edibles


CBD infused isolates or full spectrum edibles products provide options to users who cannot or choose not to inhale cannabis for medical, ethical or personal reasons. 20% off with 'WinterCoupon20'

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At Clever Botanics, we supply organic and where possible, vegan CBD Hemp Flowers, CBD Oil, Water Soluble and Cosmetic products that are ethically produced and of high quality. Your journey begins here in the changing landscape of CBD use in complementary healthcare. CleverBotanics UK is a collective of premium hemp and CBD products designed to be a supplement for your daily wellness ritual. We ship anywhere in the UK and the EU as well as many destinations around the world. Please do signup for our newsletter and get 25% off your first order and the seasonal discount of 20% off all products any other time.

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