How to Use CBD Hemp Oil and Related Products

Most know well that there are a vast number of ways one can consume CBD. While some methods are time-consuming, others are quick acting but not as convenient.

Since we administer it to my brother, as well as taking it myself, I thought I share the method here.

Last weekend at the CBD and Hemp Expo in Birmingham the event was packed full of new providers. and a rather large number of providers for CBD Oil. All were using the standard drop method.

My favourite method of consuming CBD oils is the sublingual approach which is the application under the tongue. You can take the variety of products like CBD Oil tincture, spray, or isolate and drop a small amount underneath your tongue and for best result, you do need to wait a couple of minutes for it to get completely absorbed.

I believe the natural taste of some CBD oils or isolates can overwhelm new users, but one does get used to it.  Some makes have flavouring added to mask the natural flavour of the oil.

IMHO it is better to use the natural CBD oil tinctures; however, if you really dislike the taste, then alternatives would be your best course of action.

The sublingual method is considered a fast way to feel the effects of CBD and as I understand it should last for about 4 to 6 hours.

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