Six best ways to use CBD

Cannabis plants contain over 100  chemical compounds, and only a small 60 or so is understood, called cannabinoids. These molecules attach to specific receptors in the endocannabinoid system, most notably in the brain and the immune system. Cannabinoids are responsible for the effects of marijuana, such as feeling euphoric, relaxed, and even “high.” Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the psychoactive cannabinoid most widely studied.

If you’re seeking its non-impairing effects on inflammation relief, stress relief, sleep, or its other emerging benefits, here you find methods for its consumption. With the huge explosion of CBD in general and the variety of CBD products on the market, it can be difficult to know which is right for you, and what is the best way to consume CBD for maximum benefit.

Hemp-derived CBD products are evolving and expanding into dozens of different industries. While there are indeed a wide variety of ways to use CBD, each offers certain advantages and disadvantages. IMHO there isn’t any single method that’s best for you to consuming CBD.  Generally, it comes down to the needs and preferences of the individual.

There are, however, essential factors CBD users should consider to determine which method of consumption is best for them. Some of these factors include:

  • The rate or the amount of CBD that enters the bloodstream
  • The maximum concentration of CBD delivered from the method
  • The cost associated with the consumption versus the effectiveness of a given method

1. CBD Vape Pens, E-Liquids

CBD Vape Pens
Vaping CBD is nowadays one of the most popular methods of consuming CBD, and the first method on our list. Aside from the advantages offered by traditional vaping as against smoking, vaporising allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream directly through the lungs. As a result, a higher bioavailability of CBD is delivered to the body, more quickly and more effectively than if it had gone through the body’s digestive tract. The effectiveness is shorter term than ingesting CBDoi orally.

Consuming dried cannabis buds by grinding them up and rolling them into a joint has been a tradition for centuries, and it still is. However, research shows it may not be the best option for your health for obvious reasons.

There are still a large number of people that prefer smoking the dried low THC flowers than vaping. There are many reasons why vaping is better than smoking but some feel that the dried plant has more of the natural components and therefore, the advantages are more than the side effects of smoking the old fashion way.

Main Benefits:

  • Quick onset of effects with avarage time: 5-10 minutes.
  • Healthiest inhalation method with average Duration: 2-4 hours.
  • Variety of concentrates, terpene profiles, and CBD levels to choose from.

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2. CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD tinctures are oil, or vegetable-glycerine or alcohol-based CBD extracts from the hemp plant, then infusing the cannabinoids with a liquid solvent, such as apple cider vinegar they are produced and usually come in a small bottle with an eye-dropper for a lid.

Many people choose to use tinctures because they are a discreet way to consume CBD throughout the day in small, measured doses. There are two main ways to consume tinctures. You can add your desired drops of oil or vegetable-glycerine based CBD extracts into your food or beverages, or for alcohol-based tinctures, you can also place a few drops under your tongue for faster absorption into the salivary glands under the tongue.

While the saliva on the tongue does breakdown a portion of the CBD, it enters the bloodstream more quickly and does not get filtered out by the body’s digestive tract. Because of its use of use and fast-acting relief, CBD oil tinctures are fast becoming the most popular ways to enjoy the many benefits of CBD. In Germany that has recently allowed medical doctors to prescribe CBD to patients, there are now over 40,000 that have been given the products that are paid for by the German Health Insurance system rather than privately.

The other prevalent solution is the water-soluble variety which allows the user to put it in any drink they like and mask the natural taste from cannabis.

Main Benefits:

  • Dosage control
  • Average duration is up to 8 hours
  • Easy to use, however can take up to 2 hours to take effect
  • Discreet

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3. Capsules and Softgels

cbd capsules softgel

Smoking or vaporising CBD can provide higher bioavailability. However, CBD tinctures give quicker results. However, if discretion and accurate, consistent dosages is your primary objective, then CBD Capsules or CBD Softgels are going to be your best option.

CBD Capsules can come in many different forms with different casings and concentrations, which allows discreet ease of use, and accurate dosing. With capsules you don’t have to deal with the stigma of vaping or the uninviting flavours of tinctures, but, of course, capsules do have their downfalls. For example, capsules take longer to take effect and deliver less bioavailability of CBD to the body because our bodies take longer to break down a capsule, and a capsule will also go through most of our bodies filtration systems. Still, it’s an excellent option for many users, and to offset the decrease in bioavailability, you can always take a higher concentrated capsule.

Main Benefits:
Longer-acting of up to 8 hours
Most consumption options
The healthiest method with  onset Time: Up to 2 hours

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4. CBD Edibles and Beverages


There are a wide variety of CBD edibles available, and daily, we have a brand new product appearing on the market. In the recent conferences, I have attended, Beer, Vodka variety of chocolate and sweet that are being added to the already long list.  Depending on your consumption preference, ranging from tinctures to pills to chocolates. Most come in standard dosages ranging from 10-30 mg, but therapeutic dosages can vary up to 100 mg.

Ingesting CBD rather than inhaling or smoking it provides a longer-term, more holistic effect since the cannabinoid is broken down slowly through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream. For this same reason, it may take longer to feel the beneficial effects of CBD when eating it.

For those concerned with sensitive medical issues, this is one of the healthiest ways of consuming CBD edibles, infused foods and beverages. The manufacturing must adhere to the same standards and licenses as all food and beverage producers. In some countries in particular in the EU, the Novel Food act has stopped the growth in this sector, and everyone is watching to see how it develops.

There are also regulations specific to CBD or hemp seed oil infused food and beverage manufacturing that in most countries must adhere to the same standards and licenses as all food and beverage producers. CBD infused edibles are subject to Public Health and Environment regulations, permits and inspections.

Main Benefits:

  • Longer-acting
  • Most consumption options onset time of up to 2 hours
  • The healthiest method with average duration up to 8 hours

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5. CBD Topicals and Lotions


Because of cannabinoid receptors found in the skin, topical application of CBD and cannabis products can also bring therapeutic results. CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors that comprise the endocannabinoid system of the human body. CBD topicals are usually lotions, creams that have been infused with cannabidiol.  The application can bring fast relief to specific areas of muscle ache or joint pain without the CBD entering your bloodstream.

Topical CBD treatment can be useful on more lasting issues, such as chronic pain and arthritis. It can also be applied for skin-care conditions such as acne.

Main Benefits:
Treats localised aches and pains with the onset time of 20-40 minutes
Effective for chronic pain issues with the average duration of 2-4 hours.

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6. High-CBD content Cannabis Strains


As the world of cannabis consumption accelerates, increasing the demands of the market. For many, what was once about achieving the highest high is now more about personalised experiences and more consumers look for CBD-dominant strains.

High CBD cannabis strains are hitting the market with a rather low THC levels and high CBD content. Both compounds have unique medicinal properties, some of which are amplified when both compounds are present (e.g. pain management). High-CBD or mixed strains tend to be the best choices for consumers prone to anxiety. But ultimately, you’ll be the one to decide which strain works best for you.

With a lot of money has pumped into this sector, more research and development is being done for discoveries.  However, in no small number of users smoking dry hemp is their prefered method of consumption as they consider the plant in its natural form has all the molecular components that get removed in the extraction process.

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