Spannabis 2019 the Global Cannabis Super Conference

March 2019 Spannabis Expo is this weekend. It is the seventh edition of the World Cannabis Conferences that are held together with Spannabis. The show this year is focusing on more of the scientific, medical and political angle of CBD; as well as the usual producers and re-sellers in the European cannabis sector.

Spannabis, otherwise known as Feria del Cáñamo, is celebrating its 16th year of operation. The annual event gathers more than 30,000 attendees and represents more than 300 companies. The fair features music, booths and networking opportunities throughout the weekend.

Spannabis is famous for being the reference trade show for the cannabis sector in Europe. It has sixteen years of culture, innovation and cannabis industry, hand in hand with the most outstanding brands of the moment.

The conference will also feature the changing regulatory landscape in Europe from an international perspective as well as the investor perspective. Investors who are eager for the cannabis industry in Europe to emulate the boom in pot-stock listings in Canada may not have much longer to wait, judging by the activities of investment bankers.

The investment firms are laying the groundwork for an expected increase in stock sales and mergers and acquisitions as companies seek to capitalise on Europe’s growing acceptance of cannabis, particularly for medical uses. There has been “significant” interest from medical cannabis companies for stock-market listings in Europe.

A lot of companies from all over the world are looking to raise capital in in Europe.  Spannabis will be the place to be this weekend to get a better feel for this market. The offerings at Spannbis will surely engage the huge appetite from a wide range of investors going there.

I will be there Friday and all day Saturday and hope to link up with many suppliers to add products to our range of products at Clever Botanics.

To get a better feel for the event, have a look here at the video of last year event.

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