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Date / Customer Product / Invoice No  Reviews from Trustpilot Medical Conditions

25 April 2024


Eden Aromata High Enterage Super Strong Aromatic Balm Salve 1530 mg & 2300 mg CBD


Excellent balm - goes a long way, feels nice & non-greasy with a pleasant aroma. I use it for shoulder & neck strain &m y partner uses it a lot on a plate tear in her foot &we both get great pain relief. Shoulder and neck strain, plantar tear in foot, pain relief

2 Sept 2021

Matthew Murray-Evans

'Cannatonic' High Entourage effect CBD UK Hemp Flowers


As always Clever Botanics never fail to delivery ( fantastic products)I have been using this company a year now since coming across them. I find being a sufferer of both Fibromyalgia and Arthritis using the Hemp flowers really helps with my condition. Offering pain relief and helping with my anxiety, using certain strains helps me relax and sleep.With every product I have always been given free samples to try and you always get a hand written note wishing you well and thanking you for the purchase, which is appreciated. I will keep using Clever Botanics as they are a fantastic company. Fibromyalgia, Arthritis

28 May 2021

Sharon Openshaw

CBD Hemp Flower Hybrid Mix Shake and Trim


Cannot fault at all. Top CBD to manage my pain & anxiety attacks. I'm new to CBD & found it a great pain killer while going through chemo. Packaging, updates, info, prices & personal touch of a post-it note with each delivery, little things mean a lot when you're scared. Thank you. Anxiety, Pain

2 May 2021

Jigna Singh

BlueBerry Haze & Royal lemon Haze Eden Aromata UK Hemp Flower


Fast delivery, I was able to track it from the time it was collected and delivered to my door. As I suffer from MS and Scoliosis sometimes the pain is unbearable, so I am thankful that I can buy CBD bud, they also sent samples and a personal note, very reliable and helpful company. Thank you MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Scoliosis

16 Mar 2021


Orange Kush & Nicole Kush Eden Aromata Hash


Always love the Nicole Kush hash for body sedation, kip n kidney pain relief. Also tried the Orange Kush hash mixed with an Orange Blossom bud freebie (thanks as always). Both bang on with the OK hash reminding of 88 double zero. Pain (specifically mentioned: kidney pain)

13 Mar 2021

Dan Saunders

Amnesia Haze by Eden Aromata Hemp Flowers


Arrived the next day, with a handwritten personalized note which I thought was a nice touch. I used some in my Storz and Bickel Mighty vaporizer and definitely felt very relaxed afterwards but in no way high. I used to smoke weed a lot and this stuff definitely doesn't get you stoned. I got 2g of the Amnesia Haze and after just 1 bowl my neck pain was virtually gone, my headache was gone and that night I had the best sleep I've had in ages. I'm actually amazed because I've tried CBD products before that didn't work so I was under the impression it was always just gonna be a snake oil product but nah, this stuff works. Very pleased. Pain (specifically mentioned: neck pain, headache)

16 Sept 2021

Cee Jay

CBD Hemp Flower Hybrid Mix Shake and Trim



Tried so many competitor companies selling hemp bud. This CleverBotanics is superb. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and M.E. It relaxes me their buds. I had their shake, and two other bud strains. I have never seen a company selling hemp bud with such good reviews. Stick to the dried flower buds. I just smoke mine too, I do not make tea. The bud itself will be dry as that's how it's meant to be to be cured to a dry state. The bud smells superb too. Why on earth people are smoking cigarettes daily I will never know. The hemp bud they sell here is an awesome replacement for cigarettes. Legal. Helps relax. Helps to alleviate pain. Can't get high / unless you smoke loads. But you will never be properly stoned. Its very very light, relaxing sedation. Feeling is awesome. Especially if you suffer with deep pain. 10/10 exceptional company. Going to place another order soon. Replace your tobacco and smoke legal hemp!! Stay healthy guys.🙏 Suffering from Fibromyalgia and M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)

15 Feb 2021

Daniel James O'hara

Strawberry Haze & Legend OG Eden Aromata Hemp Flower


This strain definitely lives up to its name! Imported from California's Swamp Boys Seeds, it's bursting with flavor and smells amazing too. Great for helping with stress, anxiety, pain, and guarantees a great night's sleep. I've ordered from lots of CBD sites in the past and none of them come close to Clever Botanics' products and customer service. Thank you Nikki, Sal, and all the team at Clever Botanics. Pain, Stress, Anxiety

5 Feb 2021


Eden Aromata Broad/Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 12% 10ml 1200mg CBD High Strength


Responsive and fast to ship - first-time user and found the CBD drops to be a great anti-inflammatory to reduce joint pain. Joint pain

6 Dec 2020

Craig Bennett

Gelato Super High Entourage Eden Aromata Hemp Flower


Fast delivery, variety of items to choose from. Flowers helped with my body pains, I have already recommended Clever Botanics to others. Excellent overall experience. Body pains

5 Dec 2020


Super Skunk Eden Aromata UK Hemp Flower 


My first order and it was great. Super fast delivery, really pleased with my order. The flowers are the best I have tried from online, and I've tried a few! Loved the little handwritten message and never before have I ever received a freebie to try as well. Will definitely be back. Order comes discreetly packaged, in a lovely little tin. Nice to be out of pain and chilled. Thank you Sal, awesome. Pain relief, relaxation

6 Nov 2020


Eden Aromata Super Strength Hemp Extract Oil 24% 30ml 7200mg CBD 


I had already tried the 24% hemp extract and found it to be very good for the pain in my coccyx and down my legs. I really hope my body reacts to this one in the same way. Pain in coccyx and legs

4 Sept 2020


Harlequin Tiger High Entourage Effect Hemp Flower CBD 


I was recommended to try this product from a friend and it did not disappoint!! The delivery was fast, well packaged and definitely value for your money. This will not get you 'high,' it's calming and has helped with my joint pains. I'll be buying more very soon, looking forward to trying different strains. Big shout out to Sal! Joint pains

 Cleverbotancis reviews


Date / Customer Product    Review from Cleverbotanics Medical Conditions

15 Feb 2019


Og Kush Eden Aromata UK Hemp Flowers Not a smoker and I usually use CBD oil for pain respite during the night. But comfort comes after a few hours very slowly when using capsules or oil. With a nice sweet, mellow smoke does bring me quick relief when I need it. I am not sure if it is the placebo effect or if it is real! The smell probably helps, and the relief is measurable for me at least. Pain relief

18 Sep 2020

Michelle Baker

CBD Hemp Flowers Amazing really reliable fast posting lovely tasting flower buds. Is helping me with body pain anxiety depression. Will always order from this company. Body pain, anxiety, depression

25 Feb 2019


2500mg 30ml Full Spectrum CBD Tincture  I have been using this for the last 6 months. Indeed a great product for pain relief. Pain relief

07 June 2019


2500mg 30ml Full Spectrum CBD Tincture I recommend that anyone suffering from pain or insomnia to try this oil. Stronger oils such as 2000mg upwards have stronger effects. I've tried many brands but find CBDistillery the most satisfying unlike many other oils, I can feel it doing its thing. It takes a while to work though for me maybe a couple of hours. 1ml dose of this contains over 80mg of CBD! Which is a nice hefty dose. It also has a pleasant sweet weed taste. I'm going to buy the 5000mg next. These oils have really opened up my mind to stronger CBD products.Great customer service here too. Thanks for researching and stocking such high-end products for us. Keep bringing us more Cleverbotanics Pain relief, Insomnia

28 Sep 2019


Eden Amorata Full Spectrum Organic Oil 12% 30ml 1800mg CBD (Medium Strength) Very impressed with the quality of this oil. It's not as strong-tasting as some of the CBD oils I have taken, and I love that! Pain is so much better. Frozen body loads better too! My anxiety is so much improved, and I feel a lot happier for taking it. Pain relief, Anxiety relief, Improved mood

17 Oct 2019


Lemon Haze Aromatic UK Hemp Flower 17% CBD (110 mg/g)  Very like a haze with a brilliant flavour profile and definitely has potent/lasting effects. If you are looking for a more full on cannabis taste and suffer from moderate to severe pain and muscle spasms this will do what you need it to do, as do all the other strains I have tried from Sal and the team but this definitely has more of a lasting effect. Moderate to severe pain, Muscle spasms

11 Nov 2019

Lee H

Gelato by Eden Aromata Hemp Flower 14% CBD I love how this strain instantly melts away any anxiety you have and the pain relief is great in relation to my fibromyalgia. I have quite alot of all over body spasms that come and go as they please but this gelato has been stopping this for me completely. Lovely tight nuggets aswell as an awesome scent you just can't get enough of. Also I use this now with the high strength Eden Aromata drops and have noticed even more benefit from using both products together. It has basically taken away all my pain and anxiety to the point I had a wee cry the second day into combining the 2 because the relief I was and still am experiencing is overwhelming. Thankyou again Sal. Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, All over body spasms

24 Nov 2019


Eden Aromata Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil 24% 30ml 3600mg CBD High Strength I have had sciatic pain for years which is excruciating and debilitating and hits me at least once a month and lasts almost a week. Tried all sorts of solutions, and other than hot water bottle on the lower back and heavy pain killers nothing else has worked. Sciatica is probably genetic as my mum suffered most of her life badly. I usually need to use super-strong pain killers for a week and rest for it to go away for a couple of weeks. But I find it difficult to focus at work after a week of pain killers. Until I tried the combination of this oil and topicals like the Lvwell or Kannaswiss here has ensured it does not last more than a couple of days and so far this month, I have been free from it. It is costly, but if nothing else works, then it is well worth it. I might try the cheaper 12% next time, and I think that might also do the job for me. Sciatic pain

21 Jan 2020


Hemp Extract CBD Roll-On Serum Great service as usual and I must say that the 6% Eden Aromata Full Spectrum oil daily has helped my lower back pain when combined with Balm. So I thought I try this when I saw it last week, instead of the Balm and I have only tried it in the last couple of days, but I must say that it works just as well. A little easier to apply than Balm and on yesterday when the pain was terrible, then both work well. The advantage over Balm is that if I need other pain relief, then I can still add after the Serum. Lower back pain

13 Feb 2020


Organic CBD Oil 15% Full Spectrum 1500mg

Got this only a few days ago as I suffer from arthritis & joint pain.. so I took a 1/2 ml before bedtime, and had a decent sleep! Thank you. Will be buying again and trying the combination of the 15% oil regularly and top up with some flowers in particular Jungle Twist for relief — great Value for Money for the full spectrum 4500 mg of CBD in the bottle. Arthritis & joint pain

09 Sep 2021


Purple Haze High Entourage CBD Hemp Flower I received a sample of purple haze with my first order from clever botanics. I brought a selection to try and was pleasantly surprised this was my favourite along with harlequin tiger. I love the smell and taste of this strain, it really stood out to me. The buds grind nicely and it's great to smoke in the evenings for pain, anxiety reduction and insomnia. Some of the best legal relief I've had. Pain, anxiety, insomnia

27 May 2022


Cookies Kush Eden Aromata High Entourage CBD Hemp Flower I've tried most products from here and this is only my third review, sorry sal, this is a truly wonderful night time stain, nearly but not quite as good as gorilla grips, for pain and sleep always go for high cbd indica,they don't let you down, thank you very much sal. Pain, sleep

06 Aug 2023

Pete Cornwall

Blackberry Eden Aromata Hemp Flower (22% 220 mg/g CBD) One of my current favourites. It smells really nice and when you combine this with the Nicole Kush or other Indica Hash....Boy! It certainly helps with my chronic lower back pain. Works wonders for me! Thanks again Clever Botanics for the 'ultimate' in customer service and good all round niceness. You're the best!

Chronic lower back pain


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