The community is a term that seems to be over-used. BUT when you don’t have it in your life, it’s noticeable. When you have it, and the power of community has touched you, you know it can be helpful and meaningful.

If you have a complex issue that needs quick answers from like-minded people that have similar issues, it can help to have a place to ask those questions. We advise you to take part in engaging conversations about the topics that are relevant to the concept of CBD and how they are used or you just want to know if anyone else has had a simmilar problem and the products that has helped them. Hear from people around the world who have been in your shoes and had the knowledge, experience – and are generously sharing it.

There are a number of great groups on Facebook that we encourage you to join. Just log in to your Facebook and Explore Groups by searching for CBD and Hemp and join the groups that have a large number of users or are relevant to your needs or jurisdiction.

Please do let us know if you know of ones outside the mainstream and we will list them here for users by completing the feedback form below.